There is nothing out there

There is nothing "out there" that you should want to become or avoid.

Buddhahood, Perfection is innate.

There is nothing "out there" which you need to help and fall over yourself trying to do

Help is naturally arising great Compassion


There is nothing "out there" which can judge whether you are clumsy or not

Skilful means are born from resting still


Finally there is nothing out there who films those things

Your own Awareness is free of fettered perceptions.


Stop looking for things that need to be "corrected", "improved", "helped"

All of it is perfect from the beginning


Habitual tendencies are innate Wisdoms

They never became good or bad

Like the song of the Dakinis

They only point at your  own nature


Let them rest and soon

Demons will turn into five colored -rays

Obstacles into Supports for refuge

Gurus into self  Awareness

Chatter into Vajra speech




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