Eight Branch Offering

The refuge of Pristine awareness is the immanent now and here, interstice between times, how could I ever relinquish it?
Compassion is the innate enligtened activity where thoughts and actions are one in freedom, born from unobstructed joys– how could I ever miss it?
The endless display of whatever universes we might conceive is nothing but spontaneous offerings from the Enligtened mind, how could I ever withhold it?
The distractions we call downfalls are nothing but mind at play never loosing itself, what should I ever confess?
The gracious play of light which tames beings of all classes – dancing in the boundless sky is not separate from me. How could I not delight in it?
There is nothing any subtle consciousness can grasp which is not the direct manifestation of the guru apart from the Guru – how could teaching ever be arrested?
The endless manifestation and elaborate labels are natural wheels of wisdom arising from the moisture of Boddhichitta, how could they ever be interrupted?
In the centerless space bereft of boundaries whatever appears is mind at play. Tell me who could miss watching?
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