Poem by Patrul Rinpoche

Some confusion about appearances could find easy relief if we turned our mind to probing the meaning of this wonderful poem
 by Patrul Rinpoche , so here for your enjoyment and relief from doubt and hopes

By the power of circumstance,
one moon appears through time as large or small.
By the power of needs,
one lama arises in different disguises.

By the power of vessels of water,
one moon appears in myriad reflections.
By the power of minds,
one lama appears as many.

By the power of clouds,
one moon is bright or dark.
By the power of concepts,
one lama appears as good or bad.

By the power of karma,
one moon seems to comfort or menace.
By the power of thought,
one lama arouses faith or disdain.

By the power of day or night,
one moon rises and sets.
In order to benefit beings,
one lama seems to come and go.

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