Revealing how our faults become clear Nyala Pema Duddul


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Revealing How our Faults become Clear

by Nyala Pema Duddul

Namo guru!


I prostrate to the accomplished vidyadhara guru—

Bless me so that my mind’s five poisons are brought onto the path!


Whether the darkness of delusion has been eliminated

Is clear whenever we lie down to sleep at night.


Whether the flames of anger have been extinguished

Is clear whenever we’re struck by words of abuse.


Whether the mountain of arrogance has been levelled

Is clear whenever we’re honoured by those of lesser learning.


Whether the lake of desire has dried up and disappeared

Is clear whenever we spend time with a beautiful girl.


Whether the tornado of envy has been brought to an end

Is clear whenever our rivals gain the upper hand.


Whether the tight knot of stinginess has been loosened

Is clear whenever we gain some material wealth.


Whether the flower of discipline has blossomed

Is clear whenever we’re in the midst of common folk.


Whether we have donned the armour of patience

Is clear whenever adversity strikes all of a sudden.


Whether the steed of diligence has developed to its finest

Is clear whenever we set about accomplishing some virtuous deed.


Whether the fortress of meditation has been secured

Is clear whenever serious illness befalls us.


And whether the sword of wisdom has been sharpened

Is clear whenever the destructive emotions arise and unfold.


This teaching on how our faults become clear,

Was composed by the old beggar called Duddul,

In response to requests from many students.

Through the merit of this may all beings become entirely devoid of faults!



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