Compassionate Activity

I once received these few lines from a very respected Master as I was seeking to understand how best I could help an old lady , friend of mine.
I hope it may serve to nudge us into a larger comprehension of compassionate activity without seeking names nor titles….

"You know, it does not help anything to become attached to these things, or worry about these things. These things just happen from time to time. Nevertheless, to the point of your question, I would have to say there is almost certainly a connection between compassionate activities in all its expressions, no matter who you are, where you are, or what you believe.

Buddha is Buddha whether you believe in St. Francis or not, and St. Francis is St. Francis whether you believe in Buddha or not. If it were otherwise, our mental dispositions would be the same and we would know of neither one.  I want to say that another way. If you think that Buddha is confined to the Buddha we picture, or St. Francis is confined to the St. Francis we picture, maybe you might miss the finer matter of spontaneously pure compassionate activity that assumes whatever necessary form it might in order to ease suffering. 

If you think that compassion has a boundary in religion, or that any given religion holds the patent on compassion, then maybe you are wrong. 

Compassion is a natural state that we, because of veiling, appear to leave and join sometimes but that is not actually the case. We are actually inseparable. Do you understand? Were we not veiled, we would never feel separate from this natural state. 

 Compassion is inseparable from wisdom, you know? These are not two things, this is just one thing that naturally abides as it is, very clearly and distinctly, always pure and unsullied. However, we have various obscurations and habitual mental imputations that prevent appreciation of this purity. 

 This, too, is —. What we see or do not see is not very important, is it?

 Some people teach that compassion is a vehicle, or a means to an end. Some people teach that compassion is a journey. Some people teach that compassion is a destination. I personally think that compassion is an open possibility, and then I stop thinking about compassion. Maybe I am wrong, but maybe it is more
important to harmonize with the current of open possibility than to think about being compassionate.

 Compassion is a good deal more than avoiding an insect with your size twelve boot. Compassion is a fundamental understanding of suffering, the cause of suffering, and the means of surcease. We are all in the same spot. We all have the same ideas, desires, and delusions orbiting around us like little moons.
We don’t do anything wrong, per se, we just don’t see our own faces. Maybe compassion is seeing our own face in another’s face. Maybe it is that simple, and that complicated, for if it is that simple, then there is only one face.

 And that, my friend, is why it doesn’t matter who I see or what names we use. "

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