Sutra Unlocking the Mysteries: Samdhinirmocana Sutra Part 1 of 8




Samdhinirmocana Sutra

Sutra of Unlocking the mysteries



It is said that reading , copying and causing others to meet with the Buddha’s word is all cause for meritorious action
Thank you to the authors of this great site, I would invite you to go and browse as well as support in which ever way possible from which I took the text of this sutra
If any merit is accrued from this action , may it be diedicated on this !5th of the second Tibetan Month to the benefit of all sentient beings and in particular peaceful resolution of raging conflicts, and to the health and long life of all genuine Masters which ever form they may choose to come into our lives as. In particular to the relief of hidden teachers who turn the wheel of compassionate activity in teh shadow of selflessness. Sarwa Mangalam !

Sutra Unlocking the Mysteries: Samdhinirmocana Sutra

I: Introduction

II: Characteristics of Ultimate Truth

III: Characteristics of Mind, Intellect, and Consciousness

IV: Characteristics of All Phenomena

V: Essencelessness

VI: Analyzing Yoga

VII: The Transcendent Ways of the Stages

VIII: Deeds of the Enlightened




1. Introduction

Thus have I heard. Once the Buddha was staying in a great palace, which was made of the finest jewel flowers, supremely brilliant, adorned with seven precious substances, radiating great light illumining all regions in all worlds, studded with beautiful ornaments.


The girth of the palace was boundless, immeasurable, beyond the range of the world. It was produced by supreme transmundane virtues, and its appearance was that of ultimately independent pure consciousness.


It was the capitol of the Buddha, the gathering place of great enlightening beings, with all kinds of other beings always in attendance. It was supported by the joy and bliss of the universal taste of truth. It appeared arrayed with adornments benefiting sentient beings in all suitable ways, getting rid of the binding defilement of all afflictions and driving away the evils of bedevilments.


It was the basis of the adornments of the enlightened. Its pathways were mindfulness and knowledge; its vehicles were great tranquility and subtle observation. Its entrances were the great liberations of emptiness, signlessness, and wishlessness, and its adornments were infinite virtues.


With supremely pure awareness, the Buddha was attached neither to the mundane nor the supramundane. He proceeded according to formless truth and dwelt in the abode of the enlightened ones. He had arrived at equality with all the enlightened ones and had reached the point of nonobstruction and the state of unchangeability.


Unimpeded in all actions, the Buddha’s devices were inconceivable. Roaming in the equality of past, present, and future, his being was in all worlds. He was free from doubt in cognition of all things and had accomplished great enlightenment in all actions, without confusion in knowledge of all truths.


The embodiments manifested by the Buddha were undifferentiable. His was the knowledge properly sought by all enlightening beings; he had attained the state of nonduality with all enlightened ones. His supreme transcendence was unadulterated; his enlightened liberation and subtle knowledge were consummate. He realized the boundless equanimity of Buddhahood, with no inside or out, comprehending the cosmos, throughout all space and time.


The Buddha was with a group of innumerable great disciples, who were well trained in all respects, each an heir of the Buddha. Their minds and intellects were liberated, their conduct was pure. They pursued the enjoyment of truth, learned a lot, retained what they learned, and their learning had accumulated.


These disciples considered well what they had to consider, explained well what they had to explain, and did well what they had to do. They had perfected the intellectual jewels of swiftness, keenness, the quality of being emancipating, discernment, breadth, and uniqueness and they had attained higher knowledge.


All of these disciples had attained felicity in their present state, and were great pure fields of blessings. Their deportment was tranquil and mature in every respect, and they were most tolerant and gentle. They had already put the wise teaching of the Buddha into practice.


There were also countless great enlightening beings who had come from various Buddha-lands. All of them were established in the great vehicle of universal enlightenment, practicing the teaching of the great vehicle. Their minds impartial toward all sentient beings, they were free from all discriminations, including discrimination between discrimination and nondiscrimination.


The enlightening beings overcame all bedevilment and opposition and still they avoided the thoughts of those absorbed in individual salvation. Sustained by the vast joy and bliss of truth, they were beyond fears of ill repute, death, miserable states, and intimidation by groups. Proceeding directly into the stage of nonregression, they stopped the appearance of all calamities for all sentient beings.

 The names of those enlightening beings were Unlocking the Implicit Intent of the Profound Doctrine, Profound Questioner, Offspring of the Teaching, Purified Intelligence, Vast Intelligence, Root of Virtue, Born of Ultimate Truth, Independent Seer, Benevolent One, Glorious One, and so on.

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