From Nowhere to No One

As it appeared on fine September 26th evening back in 2007, ……………….
Here is a tale of space and boundlessness
For those who still believe in Enlightenment
Coming back from a walk with the dog, I was relaxing reading my favorite Vimalakirti sutra the part called "The feast brought by the incarnated Emanation"
when those few lines spontanously appears in my mind along with wonderfully ethereal perfumes which totally numb the surroundings 
just as if laying on the shore of a deep blue green pond with melodious voices singing around
How could father and mother be found
For that which dwells beyond the Two
To the one beyond a name
Who is not found yet ever present,
Not seen yet ever visible
Not appeared, yet manifested.
Born from a Glorious radiant Vajra
And the profound, centreless space
I offer the scarf of the five rays
Monted , like the evanescent jewels of the
Diamond Drop of the sweet morning dew.
Kyeho! This speech is thy limitation
pointed to the yin in becoming
Evanescent like the morning breeze
Sweet perfume betrays thy flight in the deep blue sky,
Like the rivers gathering the cool spring waters silently you pass,
And in thy silence, the gates of the open sky
Ephemeral and light, dissolve in the vast expanse
This is thy proclamation, loud and soft, without sound
This is indeed thy Vajra Speech, beyond saying and not saying
How could one be deceived?
Pointing, signlessly to the great centre without location
The work is done without motion
Effortlessly arising all beings are thy children
Delusion of delusions, ah ah! not even a wind remains
In the absolute great Compassion, just resting evenly I remain.
In each dream, in each believed awakening
Thy soft presence appears , Guide and Refuge of beings
In this dream like flower we call Sahara
In the dream-like lotus thou manifested
Thy elements are the dhatu, thy Awareness never altered
Beyond dreams of beginnings and ends
The Unborn Guru I salute!
 Just as I looked outside a huge rainbow straddled the sky, which I somehow knew would be there
I managed to get the phone and took just one picture, before it dissolved from  whence it came… 
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