Do Not Worry…. Letter to a Friend

Do not worry
My Dear Friend
OM ! For you are friend indeed to put up with such viageries
I take you beyond the confines of the constructed
And you still faithfully listen to my blabberies,
You know the walls of our fabrications are both thick and thin
Like ice which may carry both a mamoth and give in for a mice
So whereas the nature of the displays is infinite
The key to dancing in the wind
Is the aloofness of your steps and posture
The moist balance of spontanous accomplishment
We have learned ways to express this
Three Kayas and beyond
Even emptiness gets a name ah AH!
Yet as the interstices are more conscient
The fabric looks indeed different
Where no shadows could even be guessed
Now crossing through intersections
of colours bright and cheerful
We greet with open heart the dance of the Dakinis
There is no need to fear who we were
No need to worry about who we will be
Here , now is both past and future
Do you understand?
HUNG ! The pure Guru is a great imposter
Posing as learned and vagabond
weaving in and out apparitions. Learn!
from my letters to a friend some time in September 2007…
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