Glimpses after Glimpses…

Glimpses after glimpses
multi-layered scarves float in the wind-
so very light
Glimpses after glimpses
jewelled necklaces are stringed,
so very wise
In the greatest darkness
Arises the purest light
Never again darkness
can stay very wild
Who might then say
Here darkness, here light?
Without pausing, without expecting
All spontaneously arise
Hands lay gently
so many miles
To the mind so freely
there are no miles.
Under each tree perfecting fragrances
under each star, details of speech
Fragrance and speech
One taste indeed
Universes in each rain drop
Prisms in the sun
When drying up
One light remains
And so we dream that we arise
And so we think we accomplish
And so we think we disappear
Sun and Moon o’er the Lotus seat
AH ! the dance of the Senses
Playing across the sky
is non other than the winds
that cannot but – arise.
Sleeping half-moon   night night …Sleeping half-moon


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