About Stupas

 Stupas are Representations of the dharmakaya
There are kind of stupas corresponding to the eight great deeds of the Tathagata
 First, when our Teacher was born, Suddhodana, the King caused the stupa of Heaped Lotuses to be built in Kapila.

Second , at the time of the Enlightenment,  The Stupa of Subjugation of Demons was constructed by Bimbisara and others.


Third, when the Buddha turned the wheel of Dharma, his first five disciples built the Stupa of Many Auspicious Doors at Varanasi.


Fourth, when the Buddha subdued the six non Buddhist teachers, the Licchavis built the Stupa of Miracles in Jetta Grove.


Fifth, when after instructing his mother in the Heaven of the Thirty-three, The Buddha returned to the human realm at a place called Shankhashya, the local people erected the Stupa of the Descent from Heaven.


Sixth, when the Buddha repaired a schism in the Sangha, the Stupa of reconciliation was erected at Venu Grove.


Seventh, when the Buddha blessed the composites of his bodily form ( in order to extend his life span) , the Stupa of Victory was built in Vaishali by the Malla people.


Eighth, the Parinivarna Stupa was erected in Kushalnagar.


As mentioned in the Bhadrakalpita sutra, the relics of the Thatagata spread. Stupas were accordingly made for the Buddhas four canine teeth, one by Brahma, one by a Naga living under the city of Rarok, another by the King of Kalinka, and yet another by the Gandharvas of the city of fair Ghandara.


Eight stupas and other shrines were erected to house the the eight large Maghada Bushels that remained of the Thatagata relics, as well as for his clothes, those that were burnt and those that remained unburnt.


The Dharma King Ashoka accomplished the ordinary siddhi of bringing the Yakshas and harmful spirits under his power and in a million locations in this world, caused a million stupas to be built , containing the Buddha’s relics.


The Bikshu Akarmatishila, an emanation of the dharma king SongstenGonpo, brought relics from the Stupa of Heaped Lotuses in India. These relics are at present preserved between the eyebrows of the image of Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig) called "Jowo Rangjung Ngaden".


From this same Stupa ( of Heaped Lotuses) , Guru Rinpoche, the second Buddha of Oddiyana transported by means of his miraculous powers a full measure of relics that are now reposing in the white stupa of Samye. These relics are multiplying and can be found by forunate beings even today.



From " The Nectar of Manjushri Speech" By Khenpo Kunpel ( translation Padmakara)



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