translations by E. Zangpo Mahashri Sutra

The Mahashri Sutra
In the Indian Language (Sanskrit): Mahâshri Sûtra
In the Tibetan Language: Pal-chhen-mo’i Do
In the English Language: The Mahashri Sutra
Thus have I heard: at one time, the Transcendent and Accomplished Conqueror, the Blessed One, was abiding in Sukhavati. Then, the bodhisattva mahasattva, the powerful lord, the noble Avalokiteshvara turned towards the Blessed One, went to the place where the Blessed One was, prostrated at the noble feet of the Blessed One, touching his head to the ground, and, circumambulating the Blessed One three times, sat down to one side.
Then, beholding Mahashri, the Blessed One spoke these words to the powerful lord, the noble Avalokiteshvara:
“If any fully-ordained monk, fully-ordained nun, novice monk, novice nun, or anyone else should come to keep, to read, to write down, or to have others write down the 12 Names of Mahashri, then, their poverty will be eliminated, and they will become wealthy. Moreover, all the assemblies of unified mandalas will also pray likewise for them in a similar fashion, all of them saying, ‘May it come to be!’.”
Then, the Blessed One, the Transcendent and Accomplished Conqueror bestowed the 12 Names of Mahashri:
PAL-DEN-MA      She Who is Endowed with Splendor
PAL-TRI-MA      She Who is Wrapped in Splendor
PADMAY-T’HRENG-CHEN     Possessor of a Rosary of Lotuses
NOR-GYI-DAG-MO     Lady-Lord of Riches
KAR-MO     She Who is White
DRAG-PA-CHEN-MO     She Who is Greatly Renowned
PAD-MAY-CHEN     Lotus Eye
JEY-PA-MO  She Who Makes Things Happen
ÖD-CHHEN-MO   She of Great Light
ZAY-JIN-MA     She Who Gives Food
RIN-PO-CHHE-RAB-JIN-MO     She Who Wholeheartedly Gives Precious Gems
PAL-CHHEN-MO     She Who is Greatly Resplendent
(The mantra)
If anyone should recite this three times, they will be victorious over all disharmonious circumstances. They will become endowed with excellent fortune. They will become endowed with not knowing the exhaustion of wealth.
Furthermore, everyone will give rise to an attitude which regards them as their own child, will be delighted by them, and will act in accordance with their commands.
If one should constantly read this unceasingly, then even if Brahma commits wrathful actions, one will be unharmed, and will come to serve under many buddhas!”
The Transcendent Conqueror spoke these words, and the bodhisattva mahasattva, the powerful lord, the noble Avalokiteshvara rejoiced; he thoroughly praised the noble speech of the Transcendent and Accomplished Conqueror.
Translated by Erick Sherab Zangpo. 
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