Wish Fulfiling Gem

I posted the  entire Precious Garland in the previous post to particularly highlight those verses, as they are so relevant to Disciples of Drubwang Penor (Pema Norbu) Rinpoche, maybe beings mind mingle with the Guru until we attain that very same…..

(82) The three Enlightening Bodies (of a Buddha), namely a Body Encompassing Everything (Dharmakaya), a Body of Full Use (Sambhogakaya), and a Body of Emanations (Nirmanakaya), together with deep awareness, are incorporated into a Body of Essential Nature (Svabhavakaya), which is static, all-pervasive, unaffected, and without shift or change.


(83) It remains in the sphere of Dharmakaya, which is a wish-fulfilling gem, and, within that state of its real nature, its Deep Awareness Body of Enlightening Influence, as a glittering play of Bodies of Full Use and of Emanations, appears (respectively) to those with (arya bodhisattva) levels of bhumi-mind and to other wandering beings.


(84) Further, it appears like that from the purifying (power) of the combination of the strengths of the enlightening inspiration of the Triumphant Ones and the positive force of the disciples to be tamed. Because (of that purifying power, the attainment of) the enlightening influence (of a Buddha) fulfilling the hopes (of all limited beings), like a wish-granting tree or gem, without any break for as long as compulsive existence endures – this is called “the (ultimate) purification of confusion into deep awareness.”


May all beings benefit !

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