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Prayer to recognise my own faults By Dudjom Rinpoche

   Prayer to recognise my own faults  By Dudjom Rinpoche     I pay homage to the guru.   Shakyamuni, Victorious One. Supreme guide of the realm for this fortunate aeon, Sons of the Victorious one, Assembly of noble Bodhisattvas … Continue reading

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Seriously — priceless…

 from a conversation picked up on e-sangha….. what is the best mantra for beginner…one answer came in this form   Then again, don’t worry too much about getting the pronunciation perfect. There’s a story about a monk that heard of … Continue reading

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Buddhaguptanatha and the Late Survival of the Siddha Tradition in India D Templeman

I came across this refreshing articlefrom David Templeman on http://www.ordinarymind.net/ ( which is well worth a thorough look through and thought this might interest many of us   David Templeman is a well respected historian who has translated many spiritual … Continue reading

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