Seriously — priceless…

 from a conversation picked up on e-sangha….. what is the best mantra for beginner…one answer came in this form
Then again, don’t worry too much about getting the pronunciation perfect.

There’s a story about a monk that heard of this hermit living on an island in the middle of a lake. It was well known the hermit had lived there for many years all alone practicing. So the monk decided to go see him and see if there was anything he could do to help the old hermit. So he hired a boat to take him to the island and spent several days teaching the old hermit. The hermit was very grateful and tried very hard to take the instruction the monk was giving him. One of the things the monk learned was that the hermit was pronouncing a certain mantra wrong. The hermit tried very hard to pronounce it the way the monk was teaching him. He would go around the island chanting it all the time. He just couldn’t seem to get it right though. So whenever he made a mistake he would go back to the monk for a reminder to get it right.

The time came for the monk to leave and the hermit was finally getting the chant pronounced right most of the time. So they said their goodbyes. As the monk was being taken back to the shore in the boat, here comes the hermit walking on the water up to the boat. He realized he was pronouncing it wrong yet again and wanted the monk’s guidance one last time. The monk looked at him and told him it didn’t matter. Just keep chanting it and pronouncing it however he felt he needed to. And so the hermit walked back to the island…

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2 Responses to Seriously — priceless…

  1. Unknown says:

    Maureen in Ohio told me a story how their Sangha was worried at first about mispronouncing prayers and Khenchen told them "don\’t worry, the Buddhas know what you are trying to say."

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