Guru Rinpoche Day, Yantang Rinpoche and the Rinchen TERZOD

Kyabje Penor Rinpoche bestowing the Rinchen Terzod in Namdroling 2000


You may find my call out of place, perhaps it is , perhaps ,not, but as you know, Yantang Rinpoche at the advanced age of over 90 is bestowing the Rinchen Terzod only for the second time in the US- What you may or not remember is that the only other great Lama who bestowed it there was no other than our Root Guru, Kyabje Penor Rinpoche.

There is a reason why Yantang Rinpoche decided to bestow this last gift at such great – in fact unbelievable efforts- to us all,I leave each one to decide what it could be. But with Guru Rinpoche’s day, I would invite you to click on this link to make at least a token donation ( $ 10.80, $ 108, anything as long as we make a small step or a larger one according to our means)  I think we can all try to do, more of course if you can, but I just thought it would be a way to take avail of an opportunity we just do not realise the magnitude of and certainly , most of us will find endless and more valid excuses one than the other not to attend .

So please click here add your token, dedicate with all the longing I know we all carry this gesture to making other such amazing transmissions possible for all sentient beings- you know we are a bunch of dharma delinquents, but other beings also find their ways to such tremendous events the like of which from a Terton like Yantang Rinpoche, closest friend to our Root Guru, whom we are all missing, but yet finds ways to reach out to us in his myriad of ways, letting us retain a connection [ frankly speaking for myself here, I would have to say “despite myself” ]

and just make a step-

Yantang Rinpoche gains nothing from it, but for all those who have murmured to themselves ( like me) OH I wish I could make it there, this is a first step out of the door towards the transmission — in this time or an other for us and a myriad sentient beings. Please feel free to pass this note around to your friends if appropriate

With very best wishes

May all beings benefit

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