In Homage to the Karmapa

In response to the temporarily seemingly appearing obstacles, an inspiring invitation to develop heart to heart connections.

May the walls of ignorance soon fall for all to be released and recognise the absolute clear nature of mind

Karmapa, kadyu,  17th Karmapa, India, Tibet, Tibetan Buddhism,

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3 Responses to In Homage to the Karmapa

  1. Jon Armour says:

    I’m a British disciple of Yangthang Rinpoche. I was lucky enough to connect with him 2 years ago at the Nyingma Prayer Festival in Bodh Gaya, India. As others walked past, oblivious to this hidden treasure, I had the clear feeling that I should take the chance to meet this lama. Boy, was I right! He and his blessing have since transformed my practice. Anyway, I just wondered if anyone could email me any photos of Rinpoche giving the Rinchen Terzod wangs or any other ones of Rinpoche during his current stay in the US. Also any accounts of what it has been like to be in the room with Rinpoche in such an intimate spiritual situation would be very welcome. My email address is

    You guys are so lucky! Take advantage of Rinpoche’s blessings.

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