Songs and Prayers of Realization by His Eminence Dorge Chang Kabje Kalu Rinpoche

Songs and Prayers of Realization
by His Eminence Dorge Chang Kabje Kalu Rinpoche

Prayer to Root Lama

Incomparably kind Root Spiritual Master; Body that unites
All Victors and their Spiritual Heirs of the three times,
Illustrious leader of every sentient being others and myself
From the bottom of my heart, I pray to you.
Bless me that I train in compassion and in the mind of awakening.
Bless me that I see the innate enlightened face, of my own abiding nature.

Song of Auspicious Fortune

The Spiritual Master’s Auspicious Fortune
Is the exhaustion of all faults
And the Perfection of all Qualities.

The Profound Teaching’s Auspicious Fortune
Is to reveal the Sublime Path free from error.

The Disciple’s Auspicious Fortune
Is to enter the Correct Path.

May the Ultimate Auspicious Fortune
The merging of the Master’s mind
And the Decuples mind Abide.

Listening’s Auspicious Fortune is a heart
Rejuvenated with Profound Instructions.

Refection’s Auspicious Fortune is the collapse
Of delusion’s false cavern.

Meditation’s Auspicious Fortune is the sight
Of Awareness of our own face.

May the Result’s Auspicious Fortune
Actualization of ultimate Enlightenment Abide.

Erudition’s Auspicious Fortune is Knowledge
Of all things to be accepted or rejected.

Noble Conduct’s Auspicious Fortune
Is Freedom from all Faults.

Excellence’s Auspicious Fortune
is the Beauty of every Positive Quality.

May the Auspicious Fortune of Magnificence
Victory over all faults Abide

Teaching’s Auspicious Fortune is to bring
Other faithful persons to Maturity.

Debate’s Auspicious Fortune is Victory
In battle with obscuring emotions.

Composition’s Auspicious Fortune is to reach perfection
In the View and Meditation.

May the abiding nature’s Auspicious Fortune
Spontaneous Help, to others, Abide.

The Auspicious Fortune of the Basis
Is a noble Altruistic Intention, a single white cloth

The Path’s Auspicious Fortune
Is all that you do, becomes the Spiritual Path.

The Result’s Auspicious Fortune
Is the Accomplishment of your own and others Benefit.

May the All-pervasive Auspicious Fortune
Entirely pervade all Space

Sarva Mangalam Javentu

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